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Baseline & Quality Assurance

Immediately following installation of a new component or system, it is important to gather baseline data. Baseline data is essential in determining whether the repair or installation was done properly. This will also arm you with the information necessary to properly monitor the system or component during the remainder of its service life.

Thermal imaging is a powerful tool in quality assurance applications: Thermal Image Of A Mechanical System
  • Mechanical systems
  • Rotating equipment
  • Motor alignment
  • Motor couplings
  • Block wall construction
  • Insulation in structures
  • Refractory materials
  • Electrical components
  • Any trial components or material that performance data is needed
Thermal Image Motor Couplings Thermal Image Of Insulation

Seagate Infrared is staffed with highly trained Level III Certified Infrared Thermographers equipped with high resolution imagers to allow for a comprehensive inspection that will lead to a detailed report of any and all exceptions.